Hello, I’m Chia-Chien 👋

I am a PhD student at UMANLP of Data and Web Science Group at University of Mannheim, Germany. I am working in Natural Language Processing (NLP) field under the supervision of Prof. Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Prof. Goran Glavaš. My research interests are multilingual and multi-domain conversational AI, focusing on domain and language specialization methods for dialog systems with the concerns of efficient domain- and language-transfer techniques.

Besides academic experience, bridging the gap between research and practice is one of my goals to achieve. I was involved in an industrial project Multi2ConvAI funded by BW Ministry of Business with two companies: inovex and Neohelden. The project is aimed at bringing cutting-edge representation and transfer learning models to commercial conversational AI systems. The overall project is packed in a python package: multi2convai.

I enjoy outdoor activities: camping 🏕️ , hiking ⛰️ , scuba diving 🤿 . This year, I challenge myself to learn Ukulele, and also join a full marathon 🏃‍♀️ in September. Feel free to get in touch with me by email.